How do you get to your Flying Field?


We are so close to the first lanch of MAVPILOT. I’ve been getting up early to do testing in the relative pace of the weekend mornings. As a way to get some exercise and so not to be just standing in a field for a couple of hours, I ride loaded. (I can also fit both kids on the back for those trips to the beach!)

MAVPilot is coming along great. Yesterday, I was testing some new features. One being audio alerts for when using using the fence as a safety feature. Now when you exceed the fence boundary you will get a warning as the craft engages Return to Launch or Land, depending on how you have set it. More info here and here on the site. The next feature for fence will be to outline the boundary on the map.

But before that we need to get v1.0 out.

(PS: if you have any killer features you must have, drop me a comment, or emaila. I’m always happy to receive feedback, thx)


2 thoughts on “How do you get to your Flying Field?

  1. Hi,
    How did it end up with connecting the 3DR radio (or the better chinese clones) to the iPhone ? I really want at least one way comms, or possible 2-ways. You seem to have found a Bluetooth solution.
    My other option would be to take an OpenWRT AP with USB, connect the 433MHz radio there, and use WiFi to talk to some simple UDP or TCP to USBSerial proxy. The AP could also be used to connect one of those low power 4 channels DVRs with network access, expanding the ground station concept.

    For now, I have am U818A with a simple controller, the Walkera X350Pro with its franken-APM (Mavlink is transmit only), and I am bulding an F550 hex with APM 2.6

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