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      Can you update the support page on building the WiFi bridge?

      Some of the links goto 404 pages and the xtreambee is impossible to purchase anymore.

      I am using the xbee adapter from Adafruit. It looks nearly identical. But the wiring must be different.

      I purchase mavpilot already and am trying to build wifi bridgr to talk to my iPhone 6s.

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      Bill B

      Can you post the link to the Adafruit module you are using?

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      This is the Adafruit module. It looks like it does not support 5v on the outside pins. I believe it would use the center pins for 5v and ground?


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      Bill B

      Hard to say why it is not working. My suggestion would be to connect it directly to the autopilot first and get a connection, then when that works, move to making he bridge to 915MHz. The other option is to connect a FDTI cabel and terminal to the serial port, and then connect using a computer and then telnet to the ip address and port. You should be able to send characters back and forth between the terminal connected to the serial port (via FTDI) and telnet.

      To connect via FTDI
      screen /dev/cu.cu.usbserial-A1024NRG 57600

      To connect via Telnet
      telnet 2000

      If you are still stuck, maybe we can do a quick text chat on gitter or Skype.

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      I built the Wifi bridge based on the info in the Support webpage. The Extreme Bee is out of stock or no longer available from most places. As a result I used the Adafruit Module with same WiFi module as listed. I wired it all together the same and it seems to looks correct. The issue I am having is the MAVPilot IOS application will not connect. I can connect to the module via WiFi but the MavPilot App Never connects to the 3DR module in the Copter via the 3DR ground module. The Application just says Connecting and never changes.
      WiFi Bridge 1

      WiFi Bridge 2

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      Bill B

      I would suggest trying the loopback connection to see if it works without an autopilot involved.

      My guess is that the problem you have is the signal from the 3DR Radio are 3v3 compatible. This means the should work to trigger 5V TTL signals that the level convertor needs, but not always. I have had the same issue with the SparkFun Xbee adapter as well. The solution is to bypass the level convertor in the adapter board as the 3DR Radio and the XBee are 3v3 compliant devices.

      If you cannot get it fixed by bypassing, I’ll send you ESP8266 with the MAVESP8266 FW on it.

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      When testing I ended up frying two of the 3DR radio modules. One I ruined trying to solder directly to the board and the other I lost when I ran 5 volts into the wrong connection.

      I ordered new 3DR V2 Radio modules and this time I was a lot more careful with making connections.

      I was able to get the wring all sorted out and got it to even connect and receive telemetry from the Copter.

      The issue I have now is it will only connect via TCP not UDP. I believe there was an issue with using TCP connections.

      New Wifi bridge using Adafruit module

      I used the Commands in the support page to set up the WiFly Module under SOFT AP. Perhaps you can give me some sort of insight as to what may be the issue and what I need to change.

      set ftp address 0
      set ftp filename wifly-EZX-AP.img
      set dns name rn.microchip.com
      ftp update
      factory R
      set uart baudrate 57600
      set wlan join 7
      set ip dhcp 4
      set ip address
      set ip net
      set ip gateway
      set ip proto 2
      set wlan channel 11
      set wlan APMNetwork
      save softap

      The other issue I need to know is once you are connected to the WiFi Bridge how do you get the map data in the MavPilot application? I expect I’ll be using this in the field and once connected to the WiFi bridge there is no Cellular Data being used to fill in the Maps? It’s looking for Data from the WiFi Bridge and that has no connection to the Internet to get map data from? How do I resolve that issue?

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      Bill B

      I haven’t used or setup the WiFly as UDP for such a long time. I will need to look into that.

      For the MAP Data when using TCP, the only solution is to disconnect WiFi and browse the map, and it will cache that area. then reconnect to the vehicle. When connect with UDP the phone will use the LTE connection to download the data. This is one reason UDP is preferred connection mechanism (That said I have always used the WiFly in TCP mode Soft AP mode)

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