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      Can we get logging of incoming MAVlink messages, like we have on Tower for Android ? I use it for post flight analysis.

      My setup is 2x433MHz air-radio (Chinese) @ 115k2. The ground radio is connected (GND/Tx/Rx) to an ESP-01 with ESP-Link firmware. Tx is thru a 1N4002 diode, as that drops the voltage by 1V, which is probably still above spec, but works fine – Easier than a divider, which also needs a wire to GND. I power the 3dr radio with 5V thru an ubec, and use a cheap adjustable switching dc-dc converter ($0.50) for 3.3V to the ESP-01. I have soldered a 1k resistor between 5V and CH_PD on the ESP-01, as all modes requires CH_PD to be high for it to work.

      This seems to work flawless. It is TCP only with current firmware. Good thing is, that it can run in STA+AP mode. So if it cannot connect to the WiFi, it will be accesable as an AP – So you can connect and change config. I do internet sharing on my phone, and connect the ESP-01 to the Phone AP, such that my tablet can get Internet access as well. I do consider the pixracer firmware.

      And I have full 2-way (and data logging on Android) MAVLink. No problems at 1000 meters. I need logging on my iOS devices.

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      And just to let everybody know, the ESP-01 is $2-$2.50 on eBay. Just buy plenty. This is a great 80MHz IoT computer.

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      Bill B

      Thanks for update.
      Adding tlogs is a feature i want to add. Hopefully I get some spare cycles to add it soon.

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