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    Bill B

    FROM: deegee
    Hi there. I wondered if you are already working on a support for TBS Crossfire.

    Why I am asking? I was using different LR systems over the year’s and gave the TBS crossfire a spin. Didn’t expect much, but it easily outpaces my beloved EzUHF in matters of range and signal robustness. Will test another month or so, but with experienced 15+ km of telemetry downlink (TBS claims 25 km would be possible – let’s find out) I will most likely change all my airframes to crossfire.

    That said, the TBS crossfire downlink uses the MAVlink protocol. The Crossfire receiver can be paired via bluetooth with a smartphone / tablet. The only app I currently know that supports MAVlink via Bluetooth is 3DR Tower (formally known as Droidplanner) which is available for free – sadly only for Android. But i am on iOS devices and actually happy with it.

    I would love to use MAV PILOT once you support the Crossfire downlink on my iPhone or iPad, so back to my initial question: are you already working on a support for TBS Crossfire?

    Thanks for the answer and your work.

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    Bill B

    I contacting TBS for further information about their product. I’m not sure I can get Apple App approval to connect to the TBS Crossfire without being part of the Made for iDevices program. It’s one reason I have opted to stick with WiFi for connectivity.

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