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    My Solo twitches when it reaches way points….what can be done to reduce that? Also how can I reduce the speed between waypoints. I had Solo set to slow (turtle) and once the first altitude was reached, he took off like a banshee!

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    Bill B

    You can set WPNAV_SPEED in the parameters view. The speed between WP in cm/s ie 500 is 5m/s

    I’m not sure about the glitch between WPs, i need to look into how that can be adjusted by the parameters. It’s part of the vehicle config, and not really a MAVPilot issue.

    I will be adding Config Screens so items like WPNAV_SPEED etc are easily set using a slider for example.

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      Yeah Bill, I think the twitch has more to do with the high speed….when I get to another way point, it does a quick brake check as it turns course. Slower speed will help that abruptness. Sliders for speed control, etc would be great

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