Are there a step by step setting for using ESP8266?

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      I am a new guy here but actually I had look into this site many times ago. Finally I had purchased the mode from DX to kick off my first step. But I wonder if there is a post or guideline, which can help me step by step to install the ESP8266.

      Firstly I had done below:

      1. Purchase the ESP07 from DX
      2. Download the firmware from the forum
      3. Flash the firmware to the ESP07, and I can see a SSID PIXRACER
      4. Looks like I need to config the BAUD? Not sure what should do
      5. Please advice….. Thanks!

      Many thanks.


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      Bill B

      You need to set the baud rate of the autopilot see

      I assume you are using ardupilot on Pixhawk?

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      Yes, I am using APM and PIXhawk. I am now using 3DR telemetry connect between the air and ground, and using a Android phone (Tower) as the GCS when I am outside. But once this solution works I can move the GCS to my iPhone, that will be great for a Apple fans ^_^ .

      I have few questions before I step to next tonight.

      – What is the password of the wifi? I try search google and some post said its “pixracer”, how to change it? I remember you mention this firmware doesn’t support http-command, only support AT command?
      – If change the air side telemetry, do I need to change the ground side as well?

      Thank you~

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      Hi Bill

      I try yesterday, and looks like it doesn’t connect. I don’t know why. Any way to monitor the connect status?


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        Bill B

        You can see the connect status in the Setting View. Hope that helps 🙂

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      I have a setup, with ESP-Link firmware on an ESP-01.
      Power is UBEC -> 3DR Air radio, + power to a small adjustable $0.50 switching voltage regulator (also have LM3117-3.3V, but decided to use switching), which deliver 3.3V to ESP-01. Then a 1k resistor from 5V to EN_CH. To protect the input, I use a 1N4002 diode inline from TX of 3DR radio -> ESP-01, should drop voltage around 1.0V. Still not 3V, but should be fine.
      Have it running with Mission Planner Windows, Tower on Android, and this software on my iPhone.

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