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When testing I ended up frying two of the 3DR radio modules. One I ruined trying to solder directly to the board and the other I lost when I ran 5 volts into the wrong connection.

I ordered new 3DR V2 Radio modules and this time I was a lot more careful with making connections.

I was able to get the wring all sorted out and got it to even connect and receive telemetry from the Copter.

The issue I have now is it will only connect via TCP not UDP. I believe there was an issue with using TCP connections.

New Wifi bridge using Adafruit module

I used the Commands in the support page to set up the WiFly Module under SOFT AP. Perhaps you can give me some sort of insight as to what may be the issue and what I need to change.

set ftp address 0
set ftp filename wifly-EZX-AP.img
set dns name
ftp update
factory R
set uart baudrate 57600
set wlan join 7
set ip dhcp 4
set ip address
set ip net
set ip gateway
set ip proto 2
set wlan channel 11
set wlan APMNetwork
save softap

The other issue I need to know is once you are connected to the WiFi Bridge how do you get the map data in the MavPilot application? I expect I’ll be using this in the field and once connected to the WiFi bridge there is no Cellular Data being used to fill in the Maps? It’s looking for Data from the WiFi Bridge and that has no connection to the Internet to get map data from? How do I resolve that issue?