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JLG Paris


As i said before, i was thinking of using an iPad with OTG cable but realise that Wifi is more convenient.

As I’m newbie and didn’t finish my quadcopter yet i still have stuff to buy and i saw a “new wifi telemetry module ” it’s how they call it.
With this module you don’t need any ground station anymore. It’s connected directly to your device and the range is about 500 to 800m somthing like half 1/2 miles.

So I was going to buy it (I already bought the 433mhz telemetry modules) but being connected directly to my iPad would be great and with out any extra battery pack etc…

So my question is.
Is this module compatible with the MAV Pilot App ?
As I’m using a 2.4ghz remote control I thought that I should be careful of interferences (and I don’t now anything about this). So i went to a french forum, they where talking about this stuff and on of the guys said that he wouldn’t allow this in the field, without giving any arguments so if anyone as knowledge on this subject and can explain it clearly (without a hundred graph and explanations that I wouldn’t be able to understand in English and even in French;-).
And Bill do have any experience with this module ?
And if it works it would be nice to see if it’s possible to transfer more than only telemetry troughs this module.

Thanks and have a good Sunday.

Here is a link (it seems like they’re are 2 differents module, at least they look different):

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