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JLG Paris


Thank you for your reply.
I’m newbie, in electronic and programming.
I’m just handy and I’m not afraid of using a soldering iron.
I’m in the building process right now so when my quad will be assembled (when i will receive all the missing parts). I will do it as you said.
But will it work also on an iPad Air (there is no GPS on iPad ?)
Would it be also possible to transmit the video on the screen using an FPV camera and the telemetry or do i need a special video transmitter/receiver ? My questions sound strange maybe as I don’t have a lot of experience on quad copter. (Just build a small diy quad with naze32 in crazy accro mode and discovered after a week the Alt mode) any way.

I will have a look on DX as they have a European Wearhouse.
Thank you.