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Bill B


Sorry there is no “Owners Manual” yet. I was thinking of doing a video on Mission Planning. I’ll do a picture based walkthrough this weekend. In the meantime or you may want to try Guided Mode (scroll to bottom)

The steps below are for a simple mission flown after a manual takeoff.

1. Start in Mission View, and select refresh so you can see a valid Home entry.
2. Go to Map View. You can add a waypoint by long-pressing on the screen, select the ‘green with yellow’ circle. Place a waypoint near where you plane to take off i.e.. drone home location
3. Repeat with a number of mission items.
4. To ‘upload’ to the vehicle, go to Mission View and select ‘Upload’ from the ‘options icon’ (top left)
– The share icon is RED, if the mission has not been uploaded
– The message ‘saved’ is shown, on successful upload. options icon will be in green
Mission List
5. You can verify the Waypoint attribute for each mission item by electing the ‘I’ from the callout on the map, or in the mission view. The default height for the Waypoint is 25m and is set in the Settings view. (you may want to lower that for your test flight)
Mission Callout Map View
5. To run your mission, go to the dashboard. Now you will need to manually take-off, for example, to 10m and then go to loiter or pos-hold mode.
6. Tap the dashboard screen to reveal the control panel, and press Auto (or select Auto from your Drone Transmitter)
Your drone should now head to Waypoint 1 and then follow on to WP2 etc and will stop at the end and loiter. You can monitor on the Map View. For your first auto flight, keep your control handy to switch to Loiter/Alt Hold if something does’t seem to be going as planned. (Fly or Fly:Manual for Solo Control)

Take Off to Loiter
Heading to WP1
Heading to WP2

Hope that helps 🙂 Please ask more questions if it’s unclear and I will do my best to explain it.

You may want to try Guided Mode first. This is done using the ‘+’ icon after a long press. In this case th drone will fly to the point under where finger was, at default 10m. (in a the next release it will drop a marker, it’s missing from the 1.1 release)

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