ArduPilot 4×4 Rover Build


Just happened to be chatting with a guy down the park about the small RC quadcopter i was flying and we got onto the subject of RC Trucks. Just so happens he had a Traaxis Stampede 4X4 gathering dust… Well it gathers dust no more. (just kicks it up in the air from those tyres!)

I’ve installed a temporary top plate* to mount the electronics to make this beast come alive. It fitted out with

I just finished the build tonight, but the weather changed from glorious sun to rain. I think now that I have the electronics sorted, i’ll need to put it all in a sealed Tupperware box šŸ˜‰

More info and discussions at ArduPilot ForumsĀ The Home of ArduPilot!

How do you get to your Flying Field?


We are so close to the first lanch of MAVPILOT. I’ve been getting up early to do testing in the relative pace of the weekend mornings. As a way to get some exercise and so not to be just standing in a field for a couple of hours, I ride loaded. (I can also fit both kids on the back for those trips to the beach!)

MAVPilot is coming along great. Yesterday, I was testing some new features. One being audio alerts for when using using the fence as a safety feature. Now when you exceed the fence boundary you will get a warning as the craft engages Return to Launch or Land, depending on how you have set it. More info hereĀ and here on the site.Ā The next feature for fence will be to outline the boundary on the map.

But before that we need to get v1.0 out.

(PS: if you have any killer features you must have, drop me a comment, or emaila. I’m always happy to receive feedback, thx)