Bill Bonney started Communis Tech Inc in 2012 as a platform for proprietary iOS App development and contract software engineering services. He has over 15 years experience in developing software for mobile devices.  His early working career in mobile started with Symbian in the UK working on Network Protocols including IrDA TCP/IP, TELNET, FTP, Bluetooth.

In 2002 he moved to Nokia in Vancouver, Canada as a Senior Software Developer to work on handsets for the North American market, focusing on Bluetooth device drivers and picture messaging.

In 2005 Bill moved to Nokia’s gaming division undertaking various roles from Advanced Developer Support to Software Development Kit (SDK) and API development for the N-GAGE gaming platform. He then transitioned to an Architect role for the Nokia Games Store and then onto the Nokia App Store analysing solutions for several of Nokia’s devices and software platforms.

Bill enjoys working in a team, where people express opinions and share a desire to produce the best product possible. He has worked in international teams and is accustomed to working across multiple countries and time zones with the attendant requirements that this places on being flexible with working hours.

Bill is currently obsessed with Personal Drones with a particular focus on the ArduPilot platform and hardware supplied by 3D Robotics. He can found online at DIYdrones.com helping people make their robots fly.

 Key Skills:
–  iOS development (iPhone & iPad)
–  Objective-C
–  Object Oriented Programming and Design
–  RESTful API Design
–  Advanced C++ /C
–  Python
–  Software Architecture
–  Common Sense Development
–  Agile Software Development (Scrum, eXtreme Programming)
–  MeeGo Programming
–  Qt Programming
–  Symbian Programming
–  Linux Programming
–  W3C WebApps HTML5/CSS/JavaScript

See this video on the Nokia Store Client: Powered by Qt featuring Bill!  

Current Interests:
– Technology and Mobile Technology
– Arduino microcontroller development
– ArduPlane autopilot for Arduino
– R/C Planes and Rovers
– Recumbent Bicycles

For enquiries into software services please contact sales@communistech.com