How do I connect to my ArDrone 2.0?


What are the settings for my ArDrone 2.0 and Flight Recorder to connect?


To connect to ArDrone 2.0 you need the Flight Recorder add-on

To setup your connection

  1. Connect using the Free Flight App and  establish a connection
  2. Select the Settings App on your iPhone
  3. Scroll down and select MAV pilot entry
  4. Turn on UDP connection switch
  5. Set IP Address to
  6. Set port to 14550

Now start MAV Pilot and press the refresh button in the top left of the screen. If it doesn’t connect try force closing MAV Pilot by doubling clicking the home button and sliding the small preview screen of MAV Pilot up of the screen. Now start MAV pilot again.

NOTE: In MAV Pilot 1.1 you can chnage network settings in the App.

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